Happiness and decrease it’s possible.

Our objectives

Federate all the actors involved in responsible ecological, economic and humanitarian actions.

Foster, promote and encourage autonomy and ecological innovation in all its forms.

Initiate, prepare, organize, facilitate and promote meetings, seminars, conferences, courses, debates, and other events aimed at raising awareness of new ecosystems.

And more generally to develop all intellectual, economic, social and cultural activities likely to facilitate and enable the attainment of these objectives.

The association is the humanitarian, social and ethical pillar of LATULPA. The foundation that will allow our society to evolve towards a balance with nature.

Like the animal and the flora, human is part of nature, unfortunately, he has over-exploited its resources. You may have already understood this, changing the paradigm, becoming aware of the evils of our hyper-consumerism become obvious.

It is now our human duty to implement sustainable solutions to interact with our environment.

Through permaculture, green energies, autonomous housing, and the holistic world LATULPA association wish to act with all the sensitive actors of tomorrow.

Face the nature.

The (good) common sense is…

– Preserving our planet.

– Respect the animal world and the environment

– Maintaining Ancestral Education

– Building on biomimicry

– Designing sustainable products

– Fair consumption

– Use energies and food proximity.

For our association, the solutions lie in this (good) common sense.

Resilience for everyone…

With 10€ per day, to lodge, eat and drink, in harmony with our planet while regenerating it.

Join us, take action

Let’s rethink our habitat, let’s rethink our way of life…

With LATULPA, the habitat becomes a tool of energy and food production, a protection against the bad weather that allows us to relearn to inhabit nature.

The technological stakes are huge, and their complex developments require hard skills. We are looking for the goodwill that, through participatory work, wish with us be involved in this project.

If you are engineer, researcher, physicist, philosopher, designer, arborist, ecologist, sociologist, farmer, permaculturist, caregiver… in love with nature. If you think you can bring your little stone to the building of our planet, let’s act!

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